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 Wolves Of The Earth -New site- (Accepting new members!)

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PostSubject: Wolves Of The Earth -New site- (Accepting new members!)   Sat Mar 15, 2014 3:16 pm

Wolves Of The Earth


Long ago the pack's gods lived at peace with the mortals. Never a fight happened or terrible deeds. Ylva and her mate Ralph were the mother and father of the gods of time. One day the pack heared of the newly arrival of three gods, the eldest Sandalio, middle child Fenrisúlfr and youngest Guadalupe. Guadalupe and Sandalio were close to the wolves of earth, fair and interested by them but Fenrisúlfr never felt peace only hate and fear. As the demi gods grew they learned their powers as gaurdians to the pack Fenrisúlfr the god of hate and fear, Sandalio the god of truth and honesty, Guadalupe the godesses of water. They lived with the packs as time grew. Fenrisúlfr one day no longer could hold his anger towards the packs, thinking of his plan did he finally set it into motion to bring the pack into caoes. About half the pack known as Shep pack fought against their family and friends, weak and savage by Fenrisúlfr's power with death its self. Ylva had little time to spare as the war ranged on, calling a meeting one day to create a wolf known as Zeeb, he wasn't a god, created from the corpes from a mortal wolf. As the war raged on, Zeeb fought with peace rather then hate. Soon he split the pack into two known as the Adkins pack and Essence pack as for Fenrisúlfr the god of hate a fear was locked up in the chambers of hell awaiting for his plan once more to brake.

Site Ranks

Alpha Pair

-There are two Alpha's in the two pack's one's a male and the other a female. Both these wolves lead and care for the pack's needs and necessity's. They are the most respected and are responsible for their pack member's.

Beta Pair

-The beta pair are always one step behind the alpha's. They leave good models and help the alpha's decide is descions for the pack. Once the Alpha pair die they usally are the next in line.


-These are something like Gaurdians but they are always the first to command the Fengo's. They are in charge of them and always have a high title. Cheaftians don't have to have mates, it's their choice to have them.


-Fengo's are the protectors of the pack. They risk their lives and are great at the skills of fighting. They are resected and eat first if the alpha's are impressed by their display of honor.


-Obeas are the pups of the pack they range from newborn to 1 year. Then they would chose their chosen rank and prove them selves worthy of the rank.


-Filly's are the hunter's of the pack without them we would not be alive, they have great talent in hunting and fishing.


-These two wolves are healer's, they care for the weak and wounded. Forbidden to uncare for any wolf and must risk their lives for all. They can have pups but are rarely able to do both tast unless their mentee can be a temporary Shaman.

Peace Keepers

-As a peace keeper you attempt to stop wars or break up fights. Your first instinct is to talk and work through things. You are highly respected and if injured the gods with punish. You seem to be more closer to Zeeb then any other god themselves.


-Omegas babysit Obeas when their mother wishes to hunt with the pack or just take a break. They love pups and will protect them with their life, most pups may become particularly close to an Omega.


-The elders of the pack. They are retired wolves who served the pack well and are done for the rest of their life. They have many knowlage on the history of the packs and have interesting stories to tell.

Essence Pack:
Alpha(s)- Spartacus (male)
Beta(s)- Currently not accepting
Cheaftian(s)- Currently not accepting
Elders- Open
Shamans- Open
Fillys- Open
Omegas- Open
Obeas- Open
Peace Keepers- Open
Fengo- Open
Total Pack Status: 1 male and 0 female

Adkins Pack:
Alpha(s)- Casey (female)
Beta(s)- Currently not accepting
Cheaftian(s)- Currently not accepting
Elders- Open
Shamans- Open
Fillys- Open
Omegas- Open
Obeas- Open
Peace Keepers- Open
Fengo- Open
Total Pack Status: 0 male and 1 female

Site Link
This is part of why I have been gone and also a bit on getting grounded and backed up on stuff.
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Wolves Of The Earth -New site- (Accepting new members!)
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