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 The Rules!

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PostSubject: The Rules!    The Rules!  EmptySun Feb 16, 2014 1:43 am


1.). Once your main account is created, you may post a character bio applying for your character. This will be the account you use for POSTING on the site in the IC/OOC boards.

2.). Our site is PG-13, meaning that we don't want too much gore, and we don't want to see posts about the pairs mating. PG-13 can still be fun!

3.) Remember to show respect to all members. If you are having trouble with someone contact staff as soon as possible. While we encourage users to help one another, if a user needs staff or has posted on the forum incorrectly, shoot a message to staff rather than taking care of it yourself.


1.) You may make at least 2 accounts, then you will have to buy, and any amount of characters in one account.

2.)If you are making more than one account/character, still make a bio for each, so we may know who they are.

3.) Use our code for your multiple characters on one account and you may make it a spoiler, on your sig (if you want).

Life style?(pet?):

4.) Injured, deformed and disabled Animals may be made without requesting anything. They should be made with the limits of their injuries in mind.  

5.) Animals of all gender and sexualities are allowed as long as they are made appropriately.

6.) Names are accepted on a case by case basis. Just make sure that the name is reasonable. DO NOT name your Dog things like cody1123.

7.) The Adult age is 3 years.

8.) Users may only have 1 High Rank character at a time unless otherwise stated.


1.) Do not Double Post.

2.) I shouldn't have to say this, but no god-modding or power-playing. You should know what these are by now. If you do not, simply type them in a Google search and you will soon understand.

3.) We ask that you keep posts around 4 sentences IC. This is a literate site, and that isn't asking for much. If you are a few words off, we aren't going to ban you, so please don't squeeze awkward words to add five more! We understand. You will receive a warning if your posts are less than 2 sentences.

4.) Our entire forum is DOHTML friendly! So please feel free to use tables and templates for your posts. However, don't feel as though you have to. If you feel more comfortable without one then so be it!

5.) Once again, keep your posts PG-13, no exceptions!

6.) Check out posts Daily!


1.) Do not go over a 200 width by a 300 length for your avatar. This is the largest size that the boards can handle. If you stretch my board I will take your avatar down.

2.) Your signature can be as big as you would like, but within reason. Again, do not stretch our boards! We like to keep them looking pretty!

3.) We request that you at least have an avatar, as you can easily find a simple picture of your dog. If you wish to have nice graphics and cannot do it yourself, just request some. Plenty of our members have a talent with editing, you know.


1.) There will be no spamming or advertising in the CBox. We have advertising boards for a reason, and spamming doesn't make anyone happy. Spamming means any post that is useless, or could have been put in another post.

2.) Kindness and respect is a MUST, for everyone. If there is a troll in the CBox, your being mean or getting angry is NOT helping, I promise. Just ignore the trolls and go about your business. I can ban them if I have to, but if you get out of line, I'll have to ban you as well.

3.) Try not to argue on the Chatbox or you will be warned.

4.) You may ONLY curse here


1.) Try not to over fill your Pms with messages and delete some daily.

2.) DO NOT EVER advertise in here, I see it is commonly advertised here. If you find that someone is doing so contact an Admin immediately!


1.) Members Do not create any rp areas, if you have any ideas on some, you may contact staff members.

2.) Do not act like you are so strong, big, or smart; it can get annoying to others.

3.) Try to post at least once a day.

4.) You may be any type of pet.

5.) No one is to be a human, but they may power-play them.

6.) The site is based on pets and farm animals, yet their can be strays, or join a group.
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The Rules!
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